Great Taste Piccalilli

Our original product, created by Andrew’s late Grandfather.

 Traditional, homemade piccalilli packed full of crunchy vegetables.

Winner Great Taste Award 2016 from Guild of Fine Food.

Here are some of the judges comments from the Guild of Fine Food

“The veggies have been very well prepared. The texture of each has been carefully balanced. The size and cut is very clever. Very good turmeric, cooked out well, the acetic finish is very good.”

“Good looking mix of vegetables with neat dicing and sizing. Good crunch. Initial sweetness followed by the acidity of the vinegar which lasts well. Fresh, gentle flavour balance with a little heat from the mustard right at the end.”

“Whilst not necessarily a conventional piccalilli, we found a deal of enjoyment in this product. We particularly appreciated the fresh crunch of the vegetables and the ‘easy’ balance of sweet/sour that allowed the spice and vegetable to shine.”

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Traditional Piccalilli with a sweet chilli glow.

Customer reviews:

“Just picked up a jar of Chillililli from the stall at Morpeth Fair.
Opened it up when I got home and ate with crackers. Absolutely lovely. Highly recommended. Not too hot either.
Will definitely be buying again.”

“For all those piccalilli connoisseurs out there who have not tried Calder’s Kitchens Chillililli.Go run now and get some its lush!!”

“Addicted. Chillililli is awesome”

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For those who enjoy a fiery chilli kick, our Sillylillly packs a punch,

but at the same time allows you to enjoy the flavour of the piccalilli.

Delicious in a toastie or on the side of your favourite curry!

Customer review:

“Delish products from mild to hot hot hot Sillylilli! All delish.”

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